sports music band from Berlin


fine sports music from Berlin

.alter is a Berlin based collaboration aiming to propagate sports music as an Olympic discipline all over the world. They think themselves a perfect support act for nearly everything, from long distance philosophizing to other demanding exercises like mind reading, lovemaking, cooking or competitive dining.


They might have started the now so popular sports music genre accidentally, taking the glam out of rock and gluing some mojo onto pop thus enjoying both kinds.

Mr. Rösner (née Koch) and Mr. sender are always looking for nice clean spots to drip their sweat on and neatly wipe it off afterwards, giving the world a pretty nice shine whilst sporting a pretend intellectual approach and outlook.


You may contact us at alter<<at>>


June 8th, 2024, Blo Ateliers, Sommerfest 2024
Kaskelstraße 55, 10317 Berlin

Feb. 13th, 8pm at TRXXTR, big line-up, more infos here:

photo by Cassandra Rösner

June 10th, 2023 BloAteliers, Tag der offenen Tür 2023
Kaskelstraße 55, 10317 Berlin

September 1st, 2022 Veringhof (Minibar) – Hamburg Elbinsel Lasterkonzerte
Als LSD nach Wilhelmsburg kam … 70, 80er Jahre & die IBA Hamburg

.alter-native live to air at salonbruit / collabradio
June 28th, 21.00h or fm 88,4

.alter live at Waldinselbühne 2019, My 4th